Association practice 2018.03.31

Although "three degrees of curling than meal is like" the people are many Niigata Prefecture Association、recently、We hit the leadership of the experience person in their own practice Sotchinoke。Much it、I want to everyone new friends and curling。Also a lot of experience person visiting this day。Parents and friends with each other、And of course we alone like were also Welcome large number。Thankfully。Gender age regardless、Minna place to enjoy together is nice curling。本日の体験者はなんと27名!

もはや協会員を見つけるのは難しく、3There is only the sub-link is packed thanks seat、It is jam-packed state。


Always experience pack 1 hour in the first sheet。This practice, along with Zurari。


In the people of the third sheet after the second time、2 hour course across the rest。
As always enters from the leadership of delivery form、途中スイープを入れたりと
Towards the end some people to try to skip。Amazing!



Practice by the Association Member in the second sheet。いつも通りデリバリー練習後にテイクの練習をし


Exit On this day in 2017 fiscal year。Although from next week it will be the new year、We accept also experience recruiting throughout the years。Please feel free to contact us。→




にいがたTVさんが、I came to experience interview。You can see how the experience。