Association practice 2018.04.07

2018 fiscal year began。Also thank you this year。

The time of the Association of practice than this month has been changed。Until now it was only 2 hours up to 22 o'clock 20、From this day in time is from 18 pm 20 (Part 1)、20Into two parts system from up to 22:30 am (Part 2)。Practice time is 2 times! People that practice time was thought that not enough ever longer、Those who do not will be able to practice in its own way。Also、Even to hear the flexibility their schedule by practice time is longer、Making it easier to participate。further、You can not practice in full house thanks! I think we also reduced people who。


But also it reached the final stage the men's World Championship、Under the influence of the Olympic Games、Association practice of the new year one shot eyes were also crowded with a lot of experience person。I am always grateful for your help。Many also the person who came in every week、Delivery form also has become much customers。

There is only surprise in particular children of growth potential。

Hover the number of times、We will continue to become more and more finely guidance。

Buggers is very Since the pressing their weight and little more than stone。

Experience the fun of curling Small game from the fog line。

Also reported comes still more this day is the first of。

It seems that Could enjoying for the first time of curling。


Association members are always delivery practice as after mini game。

Guard battle of Niigata specialty?

※ The photograph is than all the first part of practice。

Yes decorate the arena。Or it would have decided is the name of the dog。


Beginners CUPBlood type player Quan、They are both in the accepted application participation。Both deadline4March 21(gold)Until。Blood type Championship is a first-come, first-served basis。