Association practice 2018.04.21


1Part was the practice in the second sheet into two parts both。You beginners also began this spring this week was please come more than 10 people。Sochi generation for guidance began to most often four years ago in Niigata。It does not hide the surprise in the fast growth of Pyeongchang generation。Steadily practice content also grade up to each successive number of times、From the usual delivery practice to sweeping。And Tanomoshi of the second half, which would doing the normal game only in people of beginner。It was allowed and the other Beijing generation。


this(↓)If you think what are you doing、It is said that placing a stone in each area。Doing this as a guide、Sweeper is a practice that the wait call。But I had a hard time truly、Of Pyeongchang generation to do up here in just a few round of practice growth potential barrel and ...。Sochi generations will not be not paying attention。


I silently throw in Sochi set is two-part practice in that。

28 days of next week(Soil)Beginners CUP by Pyeongchang generation、29Day(Day)It is the blood type Championship。