Association practice 2018.05.05

Practice of the day only the second part by the convenience of the arena。Or partly because of the Golden Week、Slightly fewer participants。There are also 20 people near participants say、2I made a practice sheet。

But it was also reduced restless new experiences's Olympic aftermath、Newcomer and his friends are doing the practice of eagerly delivery。Guidance of coach now also extends to considerably small part。Say clearly、It feels like a matter of time also to catch up with the senior curlers。

Sweeping also has been progress pretty。

Also practice game format。Everyone will see the line in order。But it is difficult I call。


Practice so as not to lose senior curlers。Shot practice of combat format from throwing。And is a mini game。


4Than a month、Preparation and tidying up of the practice has gone on their own。Themselves as a general rule, except work that ice make even scraping the ice。Since the ice make-up is a very delicate work、It's very difficult for people there is no curling of experience。And、It is an important task in order to understand the ice to the newcomer's us。