Association practice 2018.05.12

4Time practice from the moon is made to change from 6 pm、5:00 I sometimes have started the ice makeup。Since still start the work from among the bright outside、Not calm if there is something wrong that I wonder if good to have ice make from this time of。Still we are the general business of skating is next to the main link。

Last week、But had said that like a "... also calm the number of survivors."、Also this week, was Welcome a lot of new experience person。Thank you。Bench is overflowing with people before practice。

Here is curling School of the third seat arena organized by the。It is students often。Also a lot Junior。

This is your association practice experience person of the first sheet。Also very climax both of sheet、It had been in the beginning to end happily。

On the other hand Association practice of the central sheet、Practice a little and laid-back。It has been overwhelmed by the swelling of both sides?