Association practice 2018.05.19

Among the rookie's、If you buy a My shoes began to appear here and there。Completely different slip condition in slippers and a dedicated shoes for experience。Shoes purchase of if aims to level up the mast。It is faster is good。次はブラシかな?

いつも感じることですが、Newcomer's is fast you progress。The practice enthusiastic but of course、4What factors progress is faster for a large number of leaders compared to the year before。Mini-games are also normally doing。Competition debut far away that seems。

Ice somewhat of a habit today of the link sheet-specific。It will also be cautious line to choose a game。This is interesting in this。

This week Japan representative finals have been made in Hokkaido。次週はJapan Wheelchair Curling Championship。The tournament that determines the Japan、It will be the first held in Niigata。Body 験 willもありますので、By all means if you are interested!