Association practice 2018.06.09

It begins the Japanese archipelago is also the rainy season declaration、I seem to hear the summer of footsteps。Curling Although the winter sports、Indoor competition。It of course does also come summer。This week mix open tournament in Karuizawa-machi、Next week and Yamabiko cup in Okaya、Also it will be held tournament in various places。Several people will participate from Niigata。And from June 10th, in NiigataSasa dumpling cupApplication starts (first come, first served!)。Pyeongchang generation of Niigata is a lot of people with a tournament participation motivation。Let's by all means challenge。

During this week of the Association of practice、Athletic meet of skating in the next to the main link(?)There being held。It seems white set is won。It was practice in the BGM and the announcement of a very large volume of an amount that can not be people with the conversation of the next、Beginner、Experience person、And practice of guest curler's outside the prefecture also enter mixed in。I was doing from the basic practice to mini-games。