Association practice 2018.06.16

Practice of Niigata Prefecture Association、We are at the skating rink rather than curling dedicated seat。for that reason、No reason that can curling as it is a matter of course、To repair the ice, which was hurt by skating to flat、Repeat shaved sprinkling pebble、It created a slippery ice。It has done this over a period of about one hour before each practice、Other or carry put 48 a stone in the truck also、Preparation of equipment、Such as work to wipe off with ice or water droplets in Stone、Before so that it is curling requires a variety of preparatory work is。To participate in this work、In particular, it is an important help in understanding the ice for the beginners、It will always be useful also in the play。Because there is a lot of work that knowledge can be even without、If you ask us to participate in this preparatory work to participate in the practice。


This week one part、2Department practice of using the second sheet in both。Like people of beginners has also been considerably accustomed、Also Konasemasu up without mini-games what the problem。It is time to absorb anything like a sponge now。Small children Stone does not reach quite up to House also、Every week it's very fun me。