Association practice 2018.06.23

Without even so much rains are many rain since the rainy season、Hot day has been increasing gradually。Niigata also this day raise the temperature up to 30 degrees near、Stone as much as sweat。

There school this week、Became a lively practice meetings have experience person。

Group of college students was who came to experience。Finally the long-awaited university curling section birth in Niigata!?

I had to experience the fun of the game in the short game。

Association members as usual mini-games from the delivery practice。

You will experience a variety of position by turning the position for each end。Pyeongchang generation also do skip。

7There entangled also bamboo dumpling CUP Once in the month、Association practice will be good night for two consecutive weeks。The last of the practice in June of next week also will help you do a whole bunch。