Association practice 2018.06.30

6Month last of practice participants rather less。Such a plight even in the practice start time。Association practice will rest for two consecutive weeks from next week I ...。

Number of people is less minute、People who participated were able very hard throw。The first half anyway throw。Tempo well、Will throw many。Since threw in rapid succession、Tomorrow Maybe'd muscle pain。Also going is usually throwing well、In this way and get a look at the line、You or have shifted more to the imagination。Check of the regular delivery、Naa's important。。


Beginner group is the short game from the delivery practice。I mean、Level as say "beginner" is not low。

I will do my best expectations of college students curler。Klez also eyes to the mini game、You throw of applicants。Seriously tackle attitude、If not emulated。


次週より協会練習は2週続けてお休みIt is。次回は7March 21(Soil)。You can find those here.