Association practice 2018.08.25

8Month last of the Association of practice、Hot is or is damp or busy under the influence of typhoon、Some still the arena comfortable itself。3 sheets of Part 2 of this day is full。1Please come experience who is also five in the part。

Since the experience course is a 1 hour and short time、Short account throw immediately from doing the basis for the delivery! And sweeping also do at the same time。Anyway slip! throw! Scrub! When、To experience the delicious Toko of curling ask enjoy。Thinks whether、I have decided Bashibashi to Take Out。Everyone is a mass of talent。Yet photo has forgot to take。Their talents、Please come to us or show。


Also you of Pyeongchang generation、I have imperceptibly got aligned to buy Yara shoes Yara brush。Moreover、Not for someone's hand-me-down Toka beginner、Pretty good guy of new。An amazing、I feel motivated。

In addition it enjoys or've also changed the color of the shoe laces。Certainly、Since the curling shoes are such all the same kind of thing、It is hard to out personality。now、Let's let me be Manekko。

In addition to the stop watch。And pretty good guy。

Pyeongchang generation thought it fits into the brackets、No, no practice is also seriously。We will work in practice to decide the menu while thinking on their own。It is Well not extend。

Also in the second half of the mini-games、The results had come out clearly。Compared with the time of their、There are only very surprised that can be up here in a few months。


The league was Curly folk pair Chimuniko。


In the other seat、Everyone in providing information Association members who participated in the workshops outside the prefecture。It seems to have been scale information-packed from the eye。Oh、§ wanted to participate。

※ next week September 1(Soil)There is no association practice Association practice of 20 o'clock from 19 o'clock in the convenience of Niigata Nippo curling experience meeting。Please be careful。

※ ice makeup of the second part Association practice、It has become a charge on the day league teams of。1So you can ice make from 20:00 parts end、Thank you to visitors as soon as possible。