Association practice 2018.11.03

November 3 days culture day that has become considerably colder、Although the participants in this day was slightly fewer、Kudasari come also people outside the prefecture curlers and experience person、1unit、2Was the practice in the second sheet in both parts。


Also participate practice cheerfully Junior。It is running very well remember the term、Curling degree of understanding also has been deepened。Or "many seconds? Of now."、Look has the same kind of conversation with normal adults and children。

So as to put out even weight、Now reach comfortably until the house。

Of course、You will receive Datte adult。


League New Lagoon versus new leaf。The new leaves are Pyeongchang generation = Niigata golden generation。I can think always、Compared to the time that they had started a curling、Technology and understanding degree is up significantly。really、Surprisingly。Fun wherever is very。