Association practice 2018.11.10

Including the Boy Scouts of organizations like this week、Many of the survivors were Welcome。2Did much do not have enough in the seat、Is that rather glad。Since the Niigata there is ice, which boasts a level comparable to a dedicated seat、I want to experience the fun of curling to all means many people。


the first、子供たちはスライダーもひとりではけませんが・・・

ちょっと練習するとあっという間にものにしていきます。The absorption force、I want a little divided。


In the mini-game、Experience the fun of fighting in a team。


This week finished in a sheet with a link seat peculiar taste。


League Shumoku club and Hipatika。And earnest Season Inn、Where we want to be up with the two teams from here。


Now annual (?)、"Everyone's belongings" series。This week is drink cover。

Each for hydration offers a drink in curling。before、I bought the same drink with people at the time of practice、Have you ever drank carelessly wrong (of course returned immediately bought a new article ...)。I do not is just such a carelessly's、It seems a lot of people to easy-to-understand way, prepare the cover and water bottle。


Even the strong man to drink such a thing during the。

To those who drink it during practice、Although you may burp was asked not out、That's right still out。