Association practice 2018.11.24

11Month 24 days of the three-day weekend China and Japan。But the practice of curling'll do not rest。Firmly second sheet also in both Part 1 Part 2 this week。1Or parts are due to the early time zone、Junior generation has doing become a center。Is the players responsible for the brilliant future of Niigata Prefecture Association。Even people of parents、We who watched in the cold Arena。I am always grateful for your help。


2Here also second sheet in part the Association of practice and league。The league was Hipatika and Shumoku Club。Such as in the practice sheet to confirm the line using props such as a paper cup、after a long time(!?)Was the practice to serious。Whether the effect came out、Such as in the second half of the mini-game was going up the accuracy of the line ... (such as not up)。



毎週の活動報告をアップして4年とちょっと過ぎました。when I realized it、Total number of visitors this WEB site had surpassed 100,000。While I was thinking say "I Naa's about time" since the beginning of the month、Seems to have to break through a little off guard was like、I have missed a moment of perfect。To say that、10I do not have any gifts towards the millionth but。I have visited those of so many、Nothing but surprise、Only thanks。Because I want to provide information that can assist you in your、We are looking forward to hearing from you。