Association practice 2018.12.01

But finally went into something busy Shiwasu、Also firmly 2 seat ensure this week。20185 times left before Association practice of the year。Owariyokerebasubeteyoshi。We will Kokkara drove。

Junior who are participating in the practice, as in this place every week。That should be it、Of the monthAll Japan Elementary School Curling ChampionshipsI'm attending from Niigata to (Chibirinpikku)。Already national debut in Pyeongchang set of them the carrier。Too envious。Come Good luck!


2Parts are somehow mixed doubles match? When I asked、This time, little practice participants、4Toka I'm such because it was people。


League Chimuniko pair Kurisshu。It became a couple showdown of the attention of the president and his wife。It is a good Contact The Two relationship is usually、In this case only will each other skip crackled and sparks。

Probably because of too intense battle、Also we have been down the ceiling of the balloon。