Association practice 2018.12.15,22 merger issue

Last week the activity report, which I am allowed to take a rest。We have not lazy never。And not necessarily have been hiatus also Association of practice just because you break your activities report、We firmly fun。So this time is delivered in the merger issue together last week and this week minute。It does not mean that apart from going to to this in Chala。

With it、Because it does not separate there is a privilege to say that the merger issue、Please do not expect。It is the same as always。We did a mini game in practice。


Also it has implemented properly league。New Lagoon pair Chimuniko。


And this week。Since Christmas Week town Christmas mood climax。Also in the arenaSuch planningThat's right there is a。For more information新潟アサヒアレックスアイスアリーナso。

Participate in healthy children's who was ahead of the nationwide debut the next day。

Association practice is currently one part、2It operates in parts system。1Participating in the part、When I I want a little more practice、Also crap curling follow to participate in Part 2 continues。


The league is aimed at both Championship Shumoku club and Stones club。Shumoku club is five system, including the alternate。Stones Club 2 people absent at year-end party for、3Participated in the name。The inner alone in Kazehiki's、5Difficult situation that the people versus 2.5 people。It can occur even in combat! Sutokura dare play without a helper on the grounds that。

Next week is the end of the year the last of the Association of practice。People with regret is、Come to the arena!