Workshops & Association practice 20180811

Recently、Part 1 of the participants is slightly fewer、For yet a in Niigata Festival period、On this day participants many。That should be it、Because there was a workshop by both corners KoYu players who competed as a representative of Japan to the Pyeongchang Olympic。If there and get to the coach to top-notch athletes、You than usual(?)Seriously。2Time we have plenty to coach。

First of all to loosen the body in preparation gymnastics at all。

Start from the sky delivery on ice。

You understand and try the beginner coach、It is very I teach to people。And I'm very tired is to guide the many alone。

And I think that got to see、Concentration also up with nature、It contains the force。

Us with finely explain the point。

Delivery of the next I was also teaching of sweeping。

For more information for us to carefully described with their own demonstration。Unlike watch on TV、There are also a lot that can be seen precisely because it is seen live。

4Divided into each person、Practice of the draw shot by team。


And practice of take shot。Arbitrarily placed the stone is one of the team、The opposing team will take out。It has never been the practice of such type in Niigata。If you do not understand the angle to fly the stone after it has hit、Victory will be difficult。

Place while consulting with team。

Each team、Consider the variety of placement。



最後は1エンドゲーム。Done by setting the end number and point difference。usually、Also practice doing casually、That we must think there were a lot。It just the quality of the practice I was impressed with how so much change the。

After the end of the game gave me to the point commentary to play back。It is overwhelming。

Leading competitor was also a first-class as a human。Kudasari to answer hard to any question、Participant full、Ear had become to Dumbo to the story that can not be heard normally。Become a practice focused than usual fun、I think we became a big harvest。Both corners KoYu players、I'm really thankful to you。



It should be noted、Curling experience meeting by both corners KoYu players intended for the general public will take place the next day August 12。


so、Practice as usual is the second part of the immediately following。Workshops of tension as it is、People to practice in the know-how you just get、People who are tired burned out in the workshops、Not be able to participate in training sessions、Fresh people、You have various。


The league was resumed from the previous week。S · fesrain VS Rolling Stone reel。Also participated first league which team(?)。It faces is Yes remember seeing。