Association practice 2019.01.26

Finally winter production。In Niigata City, where snowfall began in earnest、Association practice was held this week。But there are few people。That should be it、On the day of the 25th Chubu Championship in Nagano。Three teams from Niigata were also participating。I wasn’t watching the Australian Open。Everyone is working hard in far Karuizawa。We will also practice the absence program firmly!

At the beginning of association practice、Defeat of all Niigata teams decided。In Niigata, I used to support SNS while getting information, but I'm sorry。But make sure all three teams have a good show、There were many good matches。In the second half of the practice of the association, the players who came back after finishing the evening reception also showed up.。I have a job the next day。Everyone worked hard and worked hard on the championship.。So that next year can exceed this year、Let's do our best again。Cheers for good work was was。


On this day there was no main link next to me、It's a scene。It adds to loneliness。


The practice sheet is also rattled、It is a super luxurious throw using the seat freely。


League match is Team Nico vs Rolling Stone Reel。In bad weather、There were many participants from afar。

4End first attack red last lock、There are many guards who are not protecting anything、Common situations。The red team pushes in their own stone to make number one。Just enough guards、If you succeed, it’s a chance for steel.。The challenge。

It's almost all! It's not Chitan。