Association practice 2019.02.02

延期となっていた柏崎アクアパークのイベント「Ice Sports Day」は、2It will be held on October 10th。By all means, please join。


Now for the association practice、There is a league match this week that entered as early as February、With experience、It was practiced with 3 seats after a long absence。


The person who experienced this day also came。Three parents and children try curling for the first time。The Niigata Prefecture Association is always accepting。Curling is very different between watching and doing、Why don't you try it with play。1Even a one-time experience is welcome。


This is the second experience。It’s surprisingly difficult to throw stones、Almost done already。

For beginners、A gentle handsome brother is kind and politely teaches with two people。


In the practice of the association、Month 1 is the day called "No Game Day" in which you can throw the ball and polish the delivery without playing any mini games.。(There is no。)

この日はそのノーゲームデー。If you've done curling, you'll know、This throw is surprisingly hard。1If you do time, your legs are crunchy。At first glance, this practice seems trivial and boring.、I know that pleasure when the draw shot is decided、You can practice crazy。After all、That subtle weight sense、You can only get it by repeatedly throwing like this。

Throwing、For beginners it tends to be just a muscle training。I did my best to the end while sandwiching a break。


League match、Coolish participated after a long time。

The opponent is the original calipee。We had persimmon pee as a souvenir。

Both are in close battle without distorting。We reach the last end with the same score、Situation before the last lock of the second attack red team。I was left with a tough shot。


In practice、If you think there is something in your eyes、Some people were using such beautiful shoelaces。There is absolutely no other person can take it by mistake.。Isn't there a problem with uniforms?。Those who are familiar with、Please tell me。