Association practice 2019.03.09

Although there was an association practice on February 23 of the week before last,、Activity report is closed。Association practice was canceled on March 2 of the previous week、I will take a rest because it will be an inactivity report。so、3It was the first activity report in a week。

If you notice, it's already March。Getting warmer、I was able to see the faces of association members who participated from afar after a long time.。And、Experiencers also visit this week。Everything starts curling in other areas、A father who wants to practice himself。I'm happy that curling seems to be a bridge between parents and children.。Participate in association practice after the experience、We also enjoyed mini games together。Even though I fell several times、Dad worked hard until the end。


The league match is Hipatika vs. Fesrain。Hippatica is the only women's team in Niigata。On this day, one member is closed、Coach instead。Coach is not easy。


On the other hand, Fesrain is a team with two Pyeongchang generations.。The early ones、It's already been a year since the Olympics ended。Everyone in the Pyeongchang generation goes to second grade。The thing is、Sochi is already in sixth grade。I say that children grow up fast...。