Association practice 2019.03.16 & BSN festival experience meeting

Karuizawa Japan Mixed Double Scarling Championship、In Denmark with the Women's World Championship、Curling in full season。What you can do curling in Niigata city、Unexpectedly known to citizens。From time to time, some people peek out of the entrance。Please feel free to come and visit us。There are also experienced people every week。Even people who have never exercised are okay。A gentle uncle... My brother and sister explain.。

Hokkaido, Nagano, etc.、I don't know what it is like in a region with a high curling population、In Niigata, association practice is the mainstream, where all enthusiasts gather and practice on Saturday nights rather than activities by team.。Team activities are also necessary if you aim to advance to the upper tournament,、It's fun and fun to practice the association that can communicate with various people.。Some people come to chat during practice rather than curling。

After throwing for a while, a mini game。Curling experience Enjoying together with several beginners to veterans。


The league match is familiar。Skipping female college student also skis two wields。So winter is very busy。

For the first time M4。Not a typo。The team name is M4。"Emfo"。Maybe "Emuyon"。


During the day、The annual BSN Skating Festival was held。

Of course, we will also hold a curling experience this year。From little children to adults、Many people participate。The Niigata Prefecture Association will also help、6We divided into two groups and enjoyed curling。

Many little children also came。