Association practice 2019.03.23

Women's World Championship。Japan National Team Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. made a big success after breaking through the first playoff game。I'm very happy as a member of the same Chubu district。There are many people who seem to lack sleep on LIVE broadcasts every day、This week is also an association practice。This day is the eternal challenge of curlers、Or rather, I practiced with a focus on Alice reading and weight judgement。





シド〇ワ選手を彷彿とさせるデリバリーフォーム。Unfortunately it is not conveyed in the picture。


Dad is also working hard。After falling down with a sweep、Immediately he showed me the beautiful technique of avoiding stones with a rotary receive.。


Ice often falls toward the edges on skating rink sheets, so、Once you go outside, Stone will never come back.。To the end like this at the end。スイープも窮屈!



リーグ戦はおなじみのベテランチーム、Team Nico。Adult social team。


To the contrary, junior main caliber chu。TV interview the other day、It was wonderful。



One more place to leave 2018 association training。New students changing year by year、Freshman freshmen、We are waiting for your application for the experience!