Association practice 2019.03.30

I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms at this time。2018 is the end of this week。New year from next week。I think that many people change their environment and lifestyle.。Those who are thinking of starting new things with this opportunity、It might be a good idea to start curling。Some people want to play with、People who want to play as a competition、Please feel free to experience。


In the practice of the association, league games have been held weekly for four years.。A quick rough calculation when I was free (not always free)、At the end of this year, we had about 150 games。I did it quite a bit。So、This week's league match is "about 150 anniversary games"。

Suitable for a memorial match、The new leaves of the Pyeongchang team who will carry the Niigata Prefecture Association in the future。


It is familiar to New Lagoon。Following the cap、We also have jerseys。


In front of the arena、Temporarily scaffolding has been assembled。this is···! ??

Continued next time ...