Association practice 2019.04.06

With the cherry blossom season、The sign on the road in front of the arena changed。so、I think many people know、The Niigata City Ice Arena, which the Niigata Prefecture Association uses as its home link, has changed its nickname since April 1.。The new nickname is "MGC Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Ice Arena"。The facility itself is the same,、I hope to work with you in the future。Last week's temporary scaffolding、It was meant to replace the sign on the outer wall。


Jane! By、The scaffolding that had been assembled last week had been removed。

that? The scaffolding and the old name have disappeared、There is no new name。I forgot to put it on。


3After the lack of sleep at the Women's World Championship of the Moon is finally resolved、I'm sure many of us are spending too little sleep again at this week's Men's World Championship.。Every day of excitement for the Japanese national team。I will be encouraged no matter what。ありがとう日本代表!最後まで応援してますよ!

so、I don't know if it's because of lack of sleep、The first day of the new year, this day's association practice is a bit rusty。We worked hard to improve the accuracy of the line with a small number of people.。


Hippatica appeared in the league。To say Somehow、The longest stable team in Niigata。Just for that、I feel a unity that other teams do not have。


Against New Lagoon。2This is the weekly appearance。This changes the position and tactics of everyone every week、Niigata is the most unstable team。

4From 8:00 pm, Monday 7th、Niigata blood type Championshipの申込受付開始。First come, first served!