Association practice 2019.04.13

World Championships Los Angeles、Hello。The Japanese national team had a great result of being 4th in Abec.。Don't let me say "Asian curling is late"。The Mixed Doubles World Championship will start next week。This is also full support!

And the Niigata Prefectural Association is this weekend、I enjoyed the association practice and cherry blossom viewing with all my might。Many experienced people also come、I'm trying hard not to be told that "curling in Niigata is late"。



Fesrain vs. ZETTA。Fesrain is seven important factors in selecting a shot.。Even though I'm thinking about it、There are quite a few items I forget about。You have to be able to unconsciously consider everything and make choices.。





Image just before the accident。I'm glad it didn't。


Double roll-in has been decided!


This is a double piece!





Niigata blood type ChampionshipSince it has reached capacity Thanks、We were allowed Shimekirira recruitment。