Association practice 2019.04.20

Spring is at its peak! Entrance ceremony and entrance ceremony、Welcome party and cherry blossom viewing、rice planting、hay fever! I often hear the annual keywords。Super Golden Week is just around the corner。And speaking of spring sports、so、Curling。Mixed Doubles and Senior World Championships in Norway this week。And open competitions will be held one after another at curling all over the country.。It's the curling season。



Curling does not depend on the weather、1A good place to enjoy all year round。I enjoyed a lot of association practice this week。Currently, the practice content of the association is different every week.。While discussing with the participants、Decide what to practice for the day。Oh dear、Mostly delivery is the main。




Niigata Juniors participated in the league match。It was late、Everyone worked hard。



Mothers are watching。In the cold、Thank you。


Against Niigata Adult Team。that? Are you still? No, no、It’s just the kindness of an adult。Disagreeable、Really。