Association practice 2019.05.11

Generally speaking, curling stones are mostly red and yellow.、Niigata is red and blue as you can see。It seems to be rather rare。It depends on the venue。

It's like this when it comes to Kashiwazaki。


Super Golden Week is over、Weekend holidays where the bokeh has finally healed。Some people may not get back on track。Reset the rhythm here with weekly association practice。Let's do our best with new feelings from next week。

even if you say so、Children are always fine。Take the initiative in practicing with snappy movements。Adults are careful not to get in the way、I practiced together。Lol






You can see that it gets better and better with each week。I have to emulate。



The league match is Shinba vs. NEW Lagoon City。Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture。Please forgive me because I will shoot properly next time ...。