Association practice 2019.05.18

Spring when the top season of curling is over、From this time on, many open competitions will be held in various places.。You can form a team with different members、Expedition like a trip、It's a season where you can enjoy curling that is different from the official game.。There are many fan curlers in Niigata。Genghis Khan Open in Sapporo this week、There is a beginners' tournament in Karuizawa、Several teams from Niigata also participated。That much、I thought that the association practice would be lonely、Experienced people and curlers from outside the prefecture came。


Guests from the Fukushima Prefectural Association also visited the venue on this day。Although it is a different area from Niigata prefecture、Because it is the prefecture right next door、Team up at open competitions、I often interact with them。いつもお世話になってます!


体験者の方は想像以上にハードだったのか、A little tired mode after the experience。But I'm glad you enjoyed it with a smile until the end。



今回の体験者さんは左利き。Curling hack、Why are there right-handed and left-handed?。真ん中にひとつでもいいと思いませんか?





Stone and myself have to go through the same line、The shot will be out of alignment。Difficult。I wonder if I can pass through well。



Last week's league match、New Leaf vs New Lagoon City。If you think you missed a photo、What other members of the association took a picture。thank you very much! It's a week late、Up。It was a fierce battle for points。






And this week's league match is Hipatika vs New Lagoon。

Well、I failed to shoot this week as well。excuse me···。

Because there is no choice、Personal material。

Familiar with curlers、I got a stopwatch to attach to the brush。I didn't know、You can also measure this lap time。I should have used it earlier。

Now you can measure when you deliver。But when skipping、You have to adjust the mounting position one by one.。I will try it with a hybrid method with a stopwatch hanging on my waist for a while。Then there is no point in buying it、Is prohibited。