Association practice 2019.05.25

This week it got hotter than nationwide、Over 30 degrees in Niigata City。The season for the cool curling stadium is approaching。If anything, the hot season is the off-season、When I go to practice, I get excited for coolness。Experienced people、Some members of the association haven't been there for a long time、Enjoyed curling together。







This day、Niigata Junior who participated in the league match。How、Volunteer to learn ice makeup and help early out。Moreover, it seems that there was a school athletic meet on that day.。I am enthusiastic。Originally, adults had to be a model。


Because he is a junior full of such aspirations、Ability improves with each week。ZETTA to play against will be hurt if you think that you are a child。


I have a firm grasp of the flow of the game、I did up to 7 ends。