Association practice 2019.06.08

2It was the first activity report in a week。今週は1部の参加者が多く、3シート埋まりました中央のシートではみんなでゲーム中心の練習大人も子供も関係なく本気で一緒に競い合える競技って本当に少ないですカーリングの良さのひとつですねむしろ子供は吸収力が半端ないので、Adults can't fall。





on the other hand、The first sheet feels free to use。Or throw it alone、Delivery & sweep etc. as a pair、Everyone enjoyed their own practice。



Niigata arena is relatively early ice cream、May be suitable for developing a subtle sense of draw weight。


The school on the third sheet、Apparently the number of students has increased。Many people enjoy curling every week、Many people are worried about their own thoughts to improve.。When you get lost in trouble、It ’s also a good idea to go to school.。




the following、This is a photo of the previous week。There was no activity report、I'm practicing the association properly。




Next week 15th(Soil)It isSasa dumpling tournamentBecause there is no association practice。Everyone outside the prefecture、Please come be careful。We are looking forward to it。