Association practice 2019.08.10

Once again it became a long time of update。Also opened was long rainy season in the meantime、Koshien also began。Toka's copper-silver classic in the curling world、Toka's ADVICS cup、Exactly summer curling climax。Niigata curling does not mean were hiatus。Also firmly practice this day has entered a busy Obon holiday have been made。

that? Has been quietly installed arena of Kanban。Going forward Thank you for your help。


Also it increases outside the prefecture curlers who come homecoming incidentally to the practice of Niigata to fall Obon。1Will out withdrawal symptoms when the week is also not the day is followed by curling、って人はぜひ新潟県協会の練習会に来てください毎週土曜日の夜です。For more informationClick here