Association practice 2020.01.18

This week including beginners、Is many people gave me to participate。Regardless of experience、The good thing about curling is that you can practice together。You can see and ask your seniors up close、It’s very valuable for inexperienced people.。Absorb more and more、Overtake and overtake seniors。

Even if you think you threw it along the line、In reality, there are many cases where they are misaligned.。With this item、Whether it was thrown on the correct line、You can judge by yourself。For those who want to improve delivery accuracy、Throw here exclusively。on the other hand、Those who want to improve their weight judge ability、Follow the stone you threw as a sweeper、Repeat the weight judge。It is a hybrid menu where each participant can choose the practice method that suits their purpose.。Subject、Weekday limited lunch menu with A (meat dishes) and B (fish dishes)。


For beginners, I'm curious about what form I'm throwing。If you take a video, you can see it objectively、I will study a lot。


And watch the video while having seniors explain。"Hmmmm、Hmm、I see。」


League universe versus Hipatika。Recently I participated in the practice in the first part、2There are quite a few people in the club who participate in league games.。


Hipatika、I will participate in the Chubu Championship next week as a representative of Niigata Prefecture。Good luck!。