Association practice 2020.01.25

As already announced、At the All Japan Elementary School Curling Championships late last year、My Niigata Junior won。And how this week、Niigata local Saturday evening popular program、NST「スマイルスタジアム」の取材を受けました。From the arena、小学生たちも生出演しましたよー!

番組からは山ちゃんこと「新潟住みます芸人」の、Mr. Yamawaki came over。In the corner called "Ikagade" in the program、This corner where Yama-chan shows off and tightens calligraphy skills of 8 steps、We will continue to win and be commended with a smile that is a characteristic of the team at the national competition next season.、He wrote "Hyosho" on the colored paper.。It was a very nice and nice brother。

Elementary school students、I also responded openly to the interview。

Curling with Yama-chan。

Of course I also practice the usual association。

In addition, in the second part practice, elementary school students play a triumphal game with adults in a league game.。By winning on the stage nationwide、It seems that the fire got more motivated。

The goodness of the team, the friendliness, is shown in the play.。