Association practice 2020.02.08

Website administrator has inadvertently upgraded the site editing software、The operation screen has changed drastically、I am in a situation where I can not edit well。Therefore、We apologize for any unsightly parts of the article.。m(__)m ← Tanto Usashi
This winter is called a mild winter,、As expected, the temperature has recently dropped.。The one in the ice arena、The phenomenon of being warmer than outside is happening。But it's a matter of course for all Hokkaido curlers.。(Text、Small! )

started、Japan Championship! This year, it will be broadcast on NHK every day.。Record the daytime broadcast、At night, I'll spare my sleep、Days of lack of sleep begin。However、I'm glad to see a game every day。That was unthinkable a few years ago.。Everyday is good card series。Good luck to any team。

There is no match broadcast on this day yet、Association practice as usual。Participants also came to Part 1。(Text、Big! )(Sweat)

Once a month at the Niigata Prefecture Association、We hold an experience session。Please visit us if you are interested。For more details →Click here

League match is universe vs team 025。It was a fun game of random battle。

An accident occurred immediately after this! Fortunately there was no injury so、Don't worry。

↑Last lock of this end、Blue Force goes through the guard gap、I peeled out the half hidden red number 1 and got 2 points.。It was cool~。After all junior is great。(You cannot cancel the centering of sentences!)

Meeting time after the match。good job