Association practice 2020.02.15

216 January(Day)In Japan Championship also successfully completed。Check the progress is in the intervals of work、It is the end of a week that does not enter the body to work more than usual。Everyone of the team of top finishers、congratulations。You hot battle、I was impressed。Thank you for a wonderful 1 week。

Now、In Hitoashi has completed the early season Niigata Prefecture Association、Already back to normal operation of the usual。In the first part of practice of the day、We spent a lot of time in particular throw。leap(?)Toward the coming season、Because it's just the right time is such as to place of purchase of improvements and shoes of the form。Such as the tournament just before、So it does not work or play with form。
And also on this day is a new fellow in Niigata。Junior of motivated。Will me carrying the future of Niigata、Idol is a star candidate。I Regards。
The Junior's is getting stronger。But is that fellow that the increase is happy。Since looking for a viewer at any time in Niigata Prefecture Association、Please come feel free to play。For details, click here。→Guidance of experience
Normal operation in league games。Became a game by ice · lab-to-volunteer。