Association practice 2016.01.23

Central Championship midst、13Because the name is in expedition、Niigata was a number of people to a little lonely practice。Still participated 8 people in spite of the bad weather。Me also come further two female survivors。Thank you。Please, please come again。In the current Niigata Prefecture Association、To those who experience person to play for the first time curling has been guidance Association members from scratch。The first day in a different sheet of the other member、Learn the basics of 1 hour curling to the extent that it is not an unreasonable。But is unexpectedly difficult curling when I actually doing、Swallow the early people you should be able to immediately throw the Stone。2Or guidance in a separate menu while watching the progress condition from the time eyes、You might want to practice for two hours along with other association members。Recently, many who come to experience、There are various levels of people。But the purpose of enjoying the curling together。I want to enjoy more and more people and curling。


Although the association members was small、Diligently practice about not losing to fellow who are working hard in Nagano。Number of people is less minute、It is possible to practice a lot、It is valuable I like this day。Each of which performs a practice with a purpose、I enjoyed firmly until the last second end mini-games。


I received a photo from the members in the struggle in Nagano。1453519802295