Association practice 2016.01.30

Also end Central championship is the biggest target in the year、Even late season。Such as the season of reflection and coming season preparation of、Normal to gradually transition to the off-season (?) Of the might、1 year curling season because there is a year-round arena in Niigata。Also I would like to enjoy a new curling or feelings from this week。

This week to be happy also came two people of experience who is。Also Association Member of the guidance to the side、Gradually guidance has become well when compared to last year。There is also that you have attended the last year of leadership training、We Minagi' confident。Experience person of your Futari was also a curling laughing happily。Please, please come again。

P1300554The first is the practice of moving with the slider。

Delivery practice with the sweeper。Moderately even number of people today、Full practice was able to。P1300555Championship is the participation of sets also rest not practice。

P1300556In the sheet that is doing the mini game、Unusual we saw a combination of team。The 4 people、It is quite chemistry looks good。

P1300558After practice completion、The members have a practice detention。It did touched the anger of the boss、It has been squeezed。


It is not a separate shop of spy、Various items has come out one after another recently。Even recently sweeping、The sound does not come out too much。Naa want new brush。hl-cobonb-e-01hl-cobonb-clo-e-01hl-corting-001gl-tyro-008gl-podslv2l-001