Association practice 2016.02.06

33rd Zen-Noh Japan Curling Championships"It began。Finals and a television relay、Guided ofInternet live relayThere are also daily。While someday Niigata team dreamed that stand in this place、It is also the base of practice today。From the practice of the line-out、I made a practice of various shot with a sweep。Since this day was well slipping ice、Draw of the degree of difficulty is "high"。This is a fun in this。The number of participants is also affordable、You can practice firm。New sets also lecturer has received a very hard To guidance in constant attendance。I think we close beginner graduation when it is this tone。

In this month 14 days in Yamagata Prefecture "Northern Japan curling tournament Yamagata Mayor's Cup competition"It will be held。The second half of a practice match a team declined to the tournament participation。This team is a mix、Good team a cohesive have also taken communication。So also have those who were once enrolled in Niigata in Yamagata、Reunion is looking forward from now in the tournament。P2060556P2060555P2060554P2060559Slippers seat also has been active。

Practice part of detention this day。People and the newcomer's us, such as the mass of participants ambition。P2060561P2060565P2060566P2060562P2060563