It held a curling classroom of Ayumi Ogasawara's。

11月1日(Wood)To as part of the training of the Research Council Niigata City junior high school education (teaching Research middle Niigata City)
Curling experience meeting was held in the junior high school physical education for teachers。

Was welcomed to the special lecturer Ayumi Ogasawara。
In each tournament, including the 3 finals of the Olympic
Spectacular is the athlete that has been left to results。
Niigata Prefecture Association Member we received allowed to cooperate with the assistance of guidance。

And efforts to ice sports classes and extracurricular classes that target junior high school students、
Promote the use of the Ice Arena facility is expected。

First opening remarks

Students teacher of physical education is the student role this time。

And radio gymnastics、Preparation exercise is better for everyone this time students
Also nervous side to teach because specialty of。

First practice slide kicking the wall

Next is to practice glide over the foot to hack

This is the practice of sweeping
Or abundance of momentum would have been surprising。

As far as to throw a stone with a brush was Kogitsuke。
Per that can be practiced to understand the teaching contents、Indeed physical education teacher、Hats off。

From now on is the study of the rules and the score calculated by the mini game。
Everyone has become too hot even for the mini game。

Everyone is seriously itself

I smile as if hatched in children。

All of the line of sight of the earlier .....

And finally the demonstration of Mr. Ogasawara

The last commemorative photo with everyone

The Ogasawara Thank you very much We guidance this time。
I want to tell a fun and difficulty of curling、Ogasawara's thought is that
Definitely I think that was transmitted to the teachers。
Not only technology、To enjoy、Also important it is to be difficult to challenge
I think we were transmitted。

I have gotten to know the curling teachers you in this time of experience meeting、
I hope there is that help you something in the field of school education is not limited to the competition spread。

Association members were involved in the operation auxiliary was also that a lot of experience meeting to learn。
If there is also demand from the school as of this time the future、Positively
I would like to be involved。

To everyone of the parties we will in your report, I would like to thank。


From Association members who participated in the guidance auxiliary

Upon held、We cooperation in many everyone、We really appreciate。
On the day、"Let's also incorporate curling in our school."、
I received a voice such as "Niigata City, learned for the first time that there is such a facility!"、
The significance to hold such an opportunity we have again realized。
We hope that the spread of the future of Niigata Prefecture of junior layer is active。