I participated in Yamagata Mayor's Cup

2016Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture in February 14 days a yearHills Sunpia YamagataIndoor skating rink "6th northern curling tournament Yamagata Mayor's Cup competition tournament"I was held。Until last year, but it seems to have been the name "Yamagata Mayor's Cup contention curling tournament"、I joined the "northern" from this year。In addition to Yamagata Prefecture Association Mr.、And or I am also participated in the practice of Niigata、I was allowed to be there to participate in this tournament your edge from daily。Also in the seven teams participating this time、Was Welcome also everyone in Fukushima Prefecture that are always taken care of。

One corner of the complex which is the venue on top of a small hill。I night view would be beautiful。Big rainbow had come out (although not reflected because the arm is bad)。I do not know in the photograph、This day raises the sudden temperature、4It seems to have been the climate of 1-5 mediocrity。The facility hotel and hot springs、There were a lot of nice buildings, such as beauty in the surrounding area。P2140569

You can not see the town in the fog, such as the sea of ​​clouds。P2140570

P2140578There is only referred to as the Mayor's Cup、It is an excellent cup and trophies。P2140577P2140576

Venue general skating rink。Ice hockey also seem to be popular、Also it had been the practice of ice hockey before and after the tournament this day。P2140579P2140580

P2140582Niigata of every one of the participants in the team name of "4tune"。KOs fifth overall with two wins and one loss and one draw。Although the result is where the dissatisfaction remains、We were able to spend a good time。

P2140583Winning local Yamagata team "Tsuyahime"。

P2140584In the old days as referred to as "the old face," but there is no、We met for the first time in a long time。It is said that good luck, even here。Performance was still of "sharp"。

After shopping the way back in Costco、I came back while watching the Ueyama castle in sideways。It was a good trip。


■ The following、Participants comment

Games are also participated worthy citizen team in the "Mayor's Cup competition."、Atmosphere that anyone can participate I felt a great。Usually also look at the person who has not been regularly practice there is a feeling that "are accustomed to do."、Ya can get to feel close to curling、I was allowed to learn the importance of feel free to enjoy creating an environment。

Indoor skating rink this time of the venue is located in the corner of the complex。There is also the fact that held a skating rink is not a dedicated seat in about 7 hours charter、There was a slightly heavier ice、Thanks to the preparation operation that was snappy people of staff、Was me and a whopping 16 end also to play, regardless of a short period of time to be。Also、Previously the case outside the prefecture participation was not so much、We were very welcome the Fukushima Association's and we outside the prefecture urged。Members of the management staff、It became very indebted to everyone that had you play against。Thank you for a good time。Also in the tournament it can also be used to meet with many people、It became a tournament of substantial contents。Also please come to Niigata。