Year-end drinking party was held in Niigata curling tournament。

The end of the year was also Oshisema' 2015 December 30,、As this year's bottom line、In addition, in order to check the progress of the past year、Or in the sense of divine next year's curling life、We held a "year-end drinking party Niigata curling tournament"。in short、Because I want to curling without Although the relationship wonder but would be what year-end、Gathered rounded up in a hurry also housecleaning is planning I will this year Ciao enjoy the last of curling。

If 30 people close to the thing I'm happy gave me to participate。Delicious pledged also received about mountain、Thank you very much。People from outside the prefecture Ya is in it、A lot of appearance of students our arena schools not participating in the Association of practice。Because it's curling love people gather、There is no should not be fun。Participants allocated to the six teams、Digest the random league each team has three games。I fought victory in the points system。Participate who are not familiar with the game、Seems to me to enjoy the game while the help of team-mate。And、Extra prize of the winning teamThe、Prizes tickle curlers mind! In addition the winning team is with benefits that adorn the cover of the monthly curling February issue! Other There is also a gift exchange、It was a short time, but was able to enjoy the last of curling this year。Everyone of the participants、Your operations staff、Thank you very much。

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Association activity of this year in this day is now almost the end。Second year of the start of the curling activities in Niigata、For everyone of the Association Member、I think we have changed also enjoy and approach of each of curling。Was also spread circle of exchange throughout the country。We hope to be able to send a curling life also that everyone is fulfilling next year。Also、Towards the curling inexperienced person you are reading this、Please come to play what next year。Application of experience I look forward to throughout the year。Now indebted to the people of many this year。Competition population increasing at Thanks、We were able to also hold a variety of events。I think that of a cooperation of all of you that have me come to this site。Thank you very much。Also thank you next year。

So、A good burnished!


◆ News ◆

Although Niigata League fourth term was scheduled to be held from the beginning of January、Then postponed due to cover the practice of the Central Championship。It will be announced on this site as soon as they are about the fourth phase held on time。Also、New Year is the first practice January 2(Soil)It is from。Let's blow off the New Year blur!kamakura (1)