It was completed leadership training sessions。

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11月21日から23日までの3日間、Late course of leadership seminar was held。And a large part of Niigata Prefecture Association、Including people outside the prefecture was attended by 30 people or more。

Technical support、Well as curling's rules and history、Mika measurement study、Safety surface、Mental、Chair curling, etc.、I learned sprinkled with experience so many things we can not know quite normally。By participating in this workshop、Skill up as a leader is, of course、We were able to get a wide variety of knowledge useful as those involved in curling。

In addition we also game by the other to volunteer also of course。After the first day of lecture、We gatherings from among the participants in spite of the hard schedule、8It is the end of the practice game。After you practice very hard at in the practical training of five hours training session。I really but I was like curling。We for Niigata vigor、It is possible to the game along with the people of the prefecture is the senior of the curling、We were able to spend a very dense time。However、Too packed to head in the daytime lecture、It was already punctured state。Hosted also social gathering after lecture the end of the second day、We were able to deepen exchanges。Curlers I thought again and I'm all companions also differ in where you live and Association。

Together with the previous fiscal year came to an end the training session of five days。Your students、Thank you for your hard work。Although there are still also still submit challenges to this after、Another breath、let's do our best。

And members of the lecturers who have a fun lecture the individual over a long period of time、Now very much indebted to the people who are involved in the preparation of ice makeup and venue。It was nice to be able to participate in this workshop。Not only to qualify as leader、What you got here is now a valuable property。I'm really thankful to you。