Niigata Open outline


In Niigata Prefecture "Kashiwazaki open curling tournament」が毎秋開催されてきましたが
Newly "in Niigata City from this yearNiigata Open curling tournament」として生まれ変わります
1st of this year10May 17 to 18,に開催されます
People who engaged in open Kashiwazaki until last year、Everyone of the participants、
Thank you very much。
Kashiwazaki open the same、Thank you open Niigata in the future。
There is a limit to the number of teams in the still small tournament、
The future is to give you all the guidance、Because we believe that Yukitai gradually increases raised、
We will cooperate thank all means。
This time、Since the tournament details have been decided、I will let you know。
Those who join us hope、Please apply on looking at the following guidelines。
Application accepted8May 31(月)FromIt is。If the number of applicants who will be lottery。
It should be noted、この大会の優勝チームには「5th Shinshu Grand Prix"of
Your participation from all over the country、We look forward to。