Niigata curling Beginners CUP

2018. April 28(Soil)、We held a "Niigata Beginners CUP"。

Event is intended for people who have just started curling in this spring。6 team of F participated from A、3It performs a league of each team、Finally, we rank finals。3 doing the game for 60 minutes 3 end game in each team。For shallow people experience、Or taste the real pleasure of curling in to experience a number of game、I think I was able to grab the flow of the game。Also、I think we also lead to an understanding of the usual practice menu。This time, enters experience is one by one person on each team、We promoted the game while advice to team-mate。

After the game before the game is shaking hands with each other。

Of course, it may not be thrown in the still early weight、Although there is that the line is or shift、I decided, such as the beautifully tap back and double takeout、Scene to high touch was also seen many。

Game there is no team will be a throw in the vacant seat。

Winning team was asked to also experience applying the sheepskin after the game。

And of course、Munching time also experience。

Closing ceremony was not only the PM 11。Thank you until late。

Winning undefeated C team。Presentation of certificate of merit。

What is sweeping brush as prizes! It was full practice in this。

Runners F team that lost narrowly finals。

Third place B team。Everyone Congratulations。


Finally, in Minna。

It is supposed to be the Beginner's CUP、And started this spring there are many shots as I do not think、We no longer emerged from the realm of beginners。Fear shalt Pyeongchang generation。Everyone、It was a nice game!