I joined the Tokai Sakurahana Award。

We were allowed to participate in the "East Sea Oka Award" of Aichi Association sponsored。
The venue、Is a skating rink in the was the Expo site "Morikoro Park"。

Here even after the end of the general release of ice skating、And split up in everyone's preparation and ice make。

The Pebble seeded Ice makeup I was allowed to help。

Even in women who Aichi Association、Since seeded Pebble out Stone、Hack with、It has been moved to the brisk take the initiative, such as the guidance of novice experience、I was surprised at the height of your consciousness。I wanted to apprentice。

Tokai Ouka Prize has been held over from February 3 days、This was the last day。
It was one win and one loss will be mixed in the "Nagase house"。
We boost the game in the participation in the fancy dress。

Eve、Hospitality Corps of Aichi Association!?(Lol)We will enjoy the rice and delicious sake Nagoya of everyone、Now very fun and memorable night ♪
N's、M's、M's、I's、T's、Thank you very much!

It became very indebted to everyone in Aichi Prefecture Association。
Since it is the same for the Central District、I would like to deepen exchanges also future。DSC_0961