Kashiwazaki Aqua Park curling workshops

Curling seminar in November in Kashiwazaki aqua park was held

This season in Kashiwazaki Aqua Park
Each month (January second Thursday) first Thursday 19 of:30From
Pre-registration required、Entry feefreeso
We hold a beginner's curling workshop。

On November 7 days(Wood)Also workshop was held。
Still sometimes referred to as the first participants about 5 people。
There was a participation of up to experienced from the inexperienced person。

Beautiful form while the first time people here of junior high school students。
I hope I can move in fast and image Street swallow。

This is the practice in the two stone、
It is carefully guidance to match the pace of opponents in one-on-one。
You can also participate in wheelchair。

Be able guidance tailored to each of pace small unique。

I wonder I want you to increase a little more participants but。

Next December 5(Wood)It is scheduled to be held on。
Guidance from the Kashiwazaki Aqua Park

We look forward to the participation of many people, even one person。
(Text and photo:Nakano)