Ice experience Board of Kashiwazaki aqua park was held。

11March 10(Soil)Ice sports experience meeting in Kashiwazaki aqua park was held in。
At this 9th event, the Curling Society also
As a member of the Kashiwazaki Ice Federation, we cooperated with skating groups and facilities.
In operation。

This year as an event for Ice Rink Thanksgiving Day, the 25th anniversary of the opening
Former guest guest, Mr. Takahiko Kozuka (Toyota Motor Corp.) is welcomed、
Curling、Figure skating、Ice hockey experience
Within the city or prefecture、There were also many participants from outside the prefecture。

Curling experience full-size 1 seat、Half the size of the second sheet is prepared、
Conducted so that children and adults can enjoy it in a short time

First, from a safe fall

Delivery experience

Delivery instruction with full size sheet

Mr. Kozuka, who is busy waiting for the event of figure skating
I experienced curling with beginners。
Indeed ice athletes、Movement of with the slider forte。
The stones should be delivered to the house after a few practice sessions.

A young member of the association serves as a sweeper。

Commemorative photo by participating in curling experience

After the curling experience session, skate classes and experience sessions。
In the demonstration by Kozuka's、
The origin of the figure skating had been described as can be seen for beginners。
Domo Chigae what events、Speech or description method becomes enjoys a reference。

Also will introduce a little bit how the demo。
This is the case's technique that hydroblading that specializes also Yuzuru Hanyu's。

Hockey was also upsurge in simulated game and shoot experience with elementary and junior high school students。

We would like Mr. Kozuka to liven up this experience session
Thank you very much。

Also skating、Curling of each competition group
You can experience different competitions、
Became the experience meeting I realized that a plus, including mutual exchanges。

Do the dissemination activities of the ice sports season in Kashiwazaki。
Please stay tuned to future activities。
(Text and photo:Nakano)