Kashiwazaki Aqua Park Ice Rink November 12(Day)open!

柏崎アクアパークIce rink is November 12(Day)It will open!

On the day will be carried out ice sports experience meeting from 13 o'clock。
Curling and figure skating、You can experience ice hockey。
We look forward to a large number of visitors。

→ experience meeting guide brochureClick here

Curling seminar of guidance
Once a month in the Kashiwazaki-Aqua Park (11/16、12/7、1/4、2/1)
Thursday 19:30~20:30We are planning a curling training sessions to。
Workshop schedule →http://aqua.ksz.or.jp/various_classroom/icerink

Do while enjoying the basic operation and game to experience, from beginners。
From 2 weeks before the date of the meeting so we start accepting、
Or please call to Aqua Park、Have you visitors to the Aqua Park、
Please apply。
How to Apply →http://aqua.ksz.or.jp/how_to_entry#icerink
Please prepare to wear the gloves in winter clothes, easy to move dressed (athletic shoes) for Dress。