Kashiwazaki curling workshops 2020.02.06

2May 6(Wood)Curling classroom was held in the morning of Kashiwazaki city of elementary school extracurricular lesson。 Please see the link to the Kashiwazaki City Hall Genki outgoing Division for more information。

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柏崎でカーリングが始まって20年以上になりますが、Would not the first time the elementary school of curling lesson。Elementary and junior high school subject of curling classroom also because I correspond, please contact the property if you have any desire。

The February 6(Wood)It is the night held curling workshops aqua park organizers also I was there fun and lively excitement participation of people for the first time this time。 In the direction of two or more round I had enjoyed the mini-game while also half-size sheet。
Sweep is also fun。
Also everyone's first participation in a friendly this time of your family、From beginning to end is laughter and cheers did not constantly。
最後の締めくくりはフルサイズのシートでのデリバリーを体験 初めてとは思えないくらい綺麗にまとまったフォーム
柏崎での今シーズンのカーリング体験会は終了となりますが来シーズンも多くの方のご参加をお待ちしています。Also、We are looking for a 1 year experience person in Niigata City。
(Text / Nakano:Photo / Sato、Nakano)