Kashiwazaki classroom

Is the cameraman of the N field (laughs)
We report of Kashiwazaki classroom。

1Kashiwazaki classroom of the month 28 days

Practice meeting of prefectural Association in Kashiwazaki but is irregularly held
Curling classroom has offered every Thursday。
For Kashiwazaki neighborhood resident of Association Members、Also teaching in the classroom
Also serves as a level-up of the curling of the spread and its own
We are working energetically。

Students of this day Cage also those of the rest
Association members members of the teacher role than students often (laughs)

However! Such time is a chance of what progress。
To students one person、Leaders leaders of the unlucky one person one-on-one。
It may be a break Tired、
Everyone eagerly was throwing one after another the Stone。

The fourth is the current fiscal year in the classroom in this day。
Stone has also come to be thrown in until it reaches the House。
Pitching practice of the last to put the sweeper only one end in a game format。
Also practice of sweeping、Although still only touch
I hope you enjoy the atmosphere of the game even a little。

Became after February where leave also Kashiwazaki of classroom。
Also students of everyone、Association Member of you also to the end
As safely with no injuries、Happily、Aim progress in the correct practice。

1Practice in the game formatPractice in the second half of the game format of the remaining 15 minutes。
Now thrown to reach up to House。
Eager to have listened to the commentary of the game strokes。

2Practice in the game format 2Or the right would be the guidance of one-on-one。
Students of three from the left was working hard to break without practice。

3Finished practiceIs one piece of exercise done by。
Everyone of fun likely to smile!
This is why curling does not quit!
(Although not reflected in the photograph、Photographer is also a smile)